Stone Brewing Berlin - Club Concert #1

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Stone Brewing Berlin - Club Concert #1

13 € - Ticket
Event Overview

This is the first event in our new Club Concerts @StoneBerlin in cooperation with Airbnb.  

Join us for an amazing Experience with the Berlin Based Band Fjaka.


The word "Fjaka" finds its roots in Dalmatian culture. It’s said to be a sublime state of mind which all humanity aspires to. It cannot be learned, rather it is reached simply by being in Dalmatia. This may sound a little hippy, but any ship-jumpers might want to wait. This band isn’t about obtaining a higher consciousness, sage burning or that sort of thing. They liked the self-assuredness of thinking that you can reach enlightenment just from being in a place. They thought the word was funny, slightly self-important, hard to define and above all, cool. So they picked it and started making tunes. They formed through a network of musicians based in Berlin and gelled quickly. Matt, Nir and Felix had all studied at Jazz schools in their respective home countries, and they all shared a clear substance-over-style approach to creating music. The band has a collectively diverse musical past, which ranges from free jazz to hip hop. Their sound has been described as a mix of neo-soul and rock with an homage to rhythm and blues. The band counts D’Angelo, Last Shadow Puppets and Anderson Paak as a few of their main influences.