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Stone Gargoyle

I moved to Arizona from England 11 years ago and of course was of the opinion that English Beer was superior :/ Sadly it took about 9 years before I realized that it wasn't all big box beer over here, when I was introduced to some awesome American Craft brews :) WOW ! My senses were knocked out of orbit and I was transformed into a right proper Hop Head ! Now when I go home for a visit, I make do with the IPA's on tap that I once praised so highly, but do my best to educate the masses ( mates down the pub ) about really great beer, yours being one of :) So, I'm super excited that you guys are on your way to Europe to show them how it's really done ! Cuz I reckon they'll believe you more than they do me, and maybe you'll be able to re educate their sense of taste :)

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