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Stone Gargoyle

Just returned from a 3 week trip in Wales. Incentives for inward investment to Wales are some of the most significant in the UK. You might even find a spot next to one of the 600 castles (and that's in an area the size of Massachusetts!)

I visited some of the craft brewers in Wales - they are mostly smaller, and pride themselves in being part of CAMRA.

You might consider a location like Wales, where you have the opportunity to help define the market for a nation - cool idea?

I have worked with the Welsh Assembly and International Business Wales and I will forward this to the people who work with inward investment.

Need a tour of the country? and some inside scoop on Welshness from a guy who went to high school at Orange Glen in Escondido? That'd be me. :-) Just visited your brewery on Monday - really nice tour.

Iechyd Da! and good luck,

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