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Stone Gargoyle

Ridiculous and uneducated comments about France that you let released in UT this morning. Pitiful marketing! Do not bring that guy with you anywhere in Europe, they will think that George Bush is back. (For his info: France has legislated a 35-hour workweek. However, most professionals still work 40+ hours per week and strikes take place all over Europe).
France is probably the best place to open an American brewery. 1st tourist destination in the world, 5th economy in the world and the most open-minded country for welcoming American entrepreneurs. The value added tax, which is applied on a range of items in restaurants, was reduced to 5.5 percent from 19.6 percent last Summer. The new rate is the lowest possible under European rules. There are 180,000 restaurants in France, employing almost 700,000 people making it one of the most important employers in the economy.
The French love beer as much as they love wine. You should get in touch with the Chamber of Commerce of Paris if you ever change your mind. I would consider Normandy, Brittany (Rennes or Nantes), or Paris.

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