Interview with Stone’s graffiti artist Michael Klingner

Graffiti Artist Michi is transforming our retail store wall and we wanted to know more about him. 

Name: Michael Klingner
Age: 27

Since when have you been connected to street art and drawing?

I always loved to draw. When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I got inspired from my brother to get into graffiti. About 3 years ago, I started to passionately build my own lamps. Along with my own designed lamps, I like to do interesting concept planning for walls, like at Stone Brewing Berlin – especially when a there is a common creative vision for the project and the “chemistry” with the client is right. I really look forward to the opportunity to work together again.

What is your connection to Stone Brewing and how did you get the idea for the street art project?

My connection is through a friend, who works for Stone Brewing. So, I had already heard about Stone Brewing over a year ago and saw the vision they followed and got the chance to see the whole project develop and grow since day one.

Since my career as an architect, it was naturally interesting to see the whole project come to life. I imagine the craft beer culture is a great place where very versatile creations are passionately developed. In this obsession for a thing, I could definitely see myself being involved with again.

When I got the chance, through my friend, to work together with Stone Brewing on the new design for the wall in the retail area of the bistro, I already had an idea and could imagine what Stone Brewing was looking for. The idea is quite simple- the drawing incorporates words and phrases which in some way represent the company using the letters of its’ name “STONE.” It’s not only about the beer but also about the virtue and values from the Stone philosophy. The finished graffiti is going to be kind of a puzzle picture, some details are related to others, for some impressions you have to take a step back and see the whole picture. 

working on the mural

How do you plan out a design such as this?

The connection for the client, location, and area are most important. It’s not helpful to have a little bit of talent when starting a project, and then to forget about those points. The clear reference to graffiti and street art is relevant for Berlin. The semantics of the content is an obvious reference to Stone Brewing. I love to draw, but often what’s deciding for me is my connection to a project rather than just it’s actual commission or to have another work for the archive.

How did you get the idea to integrate the Stone fans into your sketch?

Next to the points which make Stone so special, unique values and amazing visions, I realized quickly in the first meeting that the fans are one of the most important factors of success for the company. My goal was to incorporate the fans into the street art. At the end we decided to include fans and customers with shadow silhouettes, who are holding up the Stone foundation. This nice gesture should be clear for everyone and gives a personal touch to the completed graffiti. 

What would be your dream project?

It’s hard for me to sit at a table and not to draw on a piece of paper or a napkin. Basically that’s something, which has accompanied me already my whole life. Over the last years through my studies and the contention of form and materials, I’ve grown a passion to build lamps out of brass and Plexiglas. Now, I have a small atelier in the Funkhaus on Nalepastraße and try to create new designs whenever I can find the time. I guess the fascination for light will follow me around for a while. That’s why I would like to build with even bigger dimensions for monumental spaces and venues.

What’s your favorite Stone Beer? 

Stone Runination Double IPA and Stone Cali-Belgique IPA

in front of the mural