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Our Food Philosophy

Our Food Philosophy

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens - Berlin focuses on small-farm organic produce. True to our philosophy, we advocate for environmental responsibility and the Slow Food movement, putting priority on artisanal and natural, quality ingredients. Menu items range from Smoked Two Way Pork Belly to Chai Spiced Moroccan Beef and include Berlin specialties like Hauptstadtbarsch Trio.

Executive Chef Robert Hilges oversees an eclectic and creative menu of world-inspired cuisine, and our bar features up to 65 taps of exceptional beers. Popular items from San Diego’s Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens grace the menu as well, including Barbecue Duck Tacos and Cheddar, Garlic & Stone Ruination IPA Soup. Main course items start at 12€ and all dishes are perfectly paired with suggested Stone beers listed on the menu. As ambassadors of the craft beer movement, we are proud to provide an extensive list of specialty and artisanal beers in bottles and cans from breweries around the world as well as a selection of high-quality wines.


Since being founded in 1996, Stone Brewing has been known for its tireless commitment to sustainability and philanthropy.  In all our bistros we upcycle our interior design and raw materials. "Spent grain" that has been used in the brewing process is later used in our self-produced bread, and our complementary table water flows from the brewing process directly into the restaurant. When choosing our suppliers, we pay attention to the regions the products are from and always try to source locally. 

Cross-Over World Cuisine

We stand above all for creativity, quality and sustainable production . At Stone, we celebrate our love of all things culinary by drawing freely from cultures and dishes from all over the world. We also celebrate all things local, and have an amazing selection of regional beers, wines, produce, meats, breads & cheeses. We're quality nuts! Greg Koch & Steve Wagner, co-founders of Stone Brewing, have been involved in the international Slow Food movement since 2000. Slow Food promotes getting "back to the table" and celebrates artisinal, natural, old-world approaches to food.

The food - inspired by global dishes - is combined with California lightness at Stone. The chef uses classic dishes such as Moroccan beef braised with chai spices, Peruvian chicken, and Californian tacos. Our dishes pair  wonderfully  with our Stone beers.